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SEMANA SANTA - Pilgrims to Larantuka, Kota Rowido and Wureh

SEMANA SANTA - Pilgrims to Larantuka, Kota Rowido and Wure

Flores Island is located in the eastern part of Indonesia, precisely in eastern  of Flores, there is a tradition of Catholic society known as Semana Santa. Almost all aspects of community life there were influenced by the Portuguese tradition of Catholic religious traditions. Celebration of Semana Santa is a series of celebrations and traditions of the Portuguese and Local Catholicism acculturation, which is celebrated each during the days of Holy Week.
Semana Santa take place as follows days and places:
1. Larantuka city : Capital of East Flores Regency

2. Rowido village : a small village, located 3 kilometers east of  Larantuka city.

3.Wure : The small village on the Adonara island -  is opposite and near the Rowido’s village

4. Konga : The small village on the island of Flores about 55 kilometers west of Larantuka .

The time and venue of the ceremonies of  Semana Santa.

a.    Trewa Wednesday  
            Known as "Rabu  Trewa” (Wednesday Screwed).  In the night, the Catholic community carries out the tradition by sounding the instruments as remembering arrest of Jesus Christ.

b.   White Thursday (Kamis Putih)
         The activities carry out the day are bathing statues of Tuan Ma (Virgin Mary) and Jesus Christ. The    Catholic community and pilgrims gets allows for kissing the statues. 

c.    Big Friday
Known as a long silent day (silentium magnum). The activities of Catholic community is cleaning, decorating and burning candles in the graves.

1.      In the morning there is a sea procession carrying the statue of Tuan Meninu (small statue of Jesus Christ), take place from Kota Rowido to Pantai Uce (Pohon Sirih) in the Larantuka city.

2.      In the afternoon at 4.00 pm local time, start the procession carrying the statue of Tuan Ma ( Virgin Marry) and Tuan Ana (Jesus Christ) around the town . The same thing is done in Wureh and Konga.

d.    Holy Saturday (Sabtu Suci) 
The lament sing since morning . In the afternoon start the celebration Easter Vigil mass.
  e. Easter Sunday (Minggu Paskah)
 After morning Easter Vigil mass, the Catholic community  greeting shake congratulate ‘bersalam           salaman  mengucapkan selamat Paskah’.)

Gallery Photo of Semana Santa in Larantuka  (photo by Budi ND. Dharmawan)

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